To maximise investment value for our shareholders.

• To serve our markets by surpassing our customer´s expectations.

To contribute to the professional development of our employees.

A service company in the electrical sector capable of breaking into new markets thanks to our expertise and experience.

A responsible, efficient, competitive international company, committed to safety, health and the environment.

A company fully equipped to compete on a global scale.


We guarantee our employees the opportunity to make progress based on merit and in accordance with their level of professional commitment.

Health and safety

We are strongly committed to occupational health and safety, implementing a preventive workplace culture in this respect.


We encourage all our employees to contribute towards achieving the common goal by sharing information and know-how.

Ethical conduct

At a personal level, we always act with the greatest professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect.

Orientation towards the customer

We prioritize customer satisfaction and the provision of competitive, high quality solutions.


We promote ongoing improvement and innovation to achieve maximum quality in terms of profitability.

Results driven approach

Our activities are aimed at achieving our shareholders’ business and profitability objectives, while at the same time endeavouring to exceed their expectations.

Community and Environment

We are socially and culturally committed to the Community. Our business strategies are environmentally friendly.